Monocrystalline silicon crystals


Crystal 4

Products at a glance

We produce monocrystalline silicon crystals from a polycrystalline by the Czochralski process. This means briefly to grown the crystals from polycrystalline silicon molten in a quartz crucible.

Our main products are arsenic doped silicon crystals in diameters 4", 5", and 6".

All crystals are produced with a superior care since a raw material evaluation and a purchasing up to a quality inspection and a final product expedition.

We focuse especially on the highly doped crystals and we strive to optimize the crystals in accordance with customers needs.

Our products can provide you mainly the following benefits:

  • Excellent electro-physical parameters,
  • Customized / Tailor-made production,
  • Superior electronic grade inputs (Hemlock, Wacker, Momentive, SGL,…),
  • High value for competitive price,
  • Careful services (possibility of grounding, flatting).
We provide the following product solution within a semiconductor process/value chain.